It was a Great Fun....

After three years of running this site to honor our love for the most essential of accessories, we are closing down this site to focus on other projects.

But we'd love to see this site live on.

If you are a budding fashion blogger or entrepreneur, and you're looking to take over an established online business with solid roots, we should talk. There's real "there-there" here, such as:

  • 25K - 35K unique visitors per month (high season) with no advertising or SEO work, and yet...
  • Solid SEO ranking thanks to content tuning and unique content
  • Rich video content with video tutorials that have over 550K views on YouTube
  • A stylish, clean design & a ready-to-wear brand
  • Media coverage with coverage in AP articles that were widely syndicated
  • E-commerce boutique ready to accept new products and payments
  • Fully-built, CMS-based website including blog, user management, etc.
  • Social media presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

With a little digital elbow grease and the dedication of a true fashionista, we're convinced that TieMyScarf could continue to grow into a strong niche player in the online fashion world.

We're so certain of this -- but so short on time ourselves -- that we'd even be open to partnering.

if you are seriously interested in purchasing or partnering on this site, please contact Amy or Emily at (510) 918-1897.

For everyone else... keep wrappin'!


Amy & Emily
(510) 918-1897